For years minority entrepreneurs have been held back by disunity, lack of mentorship, diminished access to capital, and weak foundations. Now more than ever, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these weaknesses and people are struggling to survive financially. Through this struggle, we realized that there was no community directly devoted to facilitating minority businesses to flourish from inception. We wanted to do more than make money. We wanted to build leaders, teams, and communities, working together to execute a common vision that we are proud to stand by. As a result, a team of community focused Minority Entrepreneurs consisting of industry professionals, educators, investors, and students unified to start the namesake organization.

The Minority Entrepreneurs increases diversity in the business world by facilitating education, inspiring creativity, and providing tools for upward mobility to marginalized communities.

The Minority Entrepreneurs Association overall vision is to revolutionize the business field to reflect a diverse world and channel this entrepreneurial empowerment to fuel economic prosperity for disadvantaged communities. By providing education, guidance, and investment, we are building an international network of business leaders across the world to fuel this cycle of innovation. We will provide the means for every minority to turn their ideas into realities.

  • - Developing an Umbrella Organization for all minority businesses & professionals
  • - Redefining Perspectives and Breaking Down Barriers for Minority Businesses
  • - Blossoming budding entrepreneurs into business professionals through Accelerator Programs
  • - Diversifying The Business World through the Creation of Minority Leaders
  • - Training and Placing Ally Professionals in Job Opportunities
  • - Developing Meaningful Solutions to Humanitarian Problems
  • - Unifying Minorities to Fund Solutions for Underrepresented Communities
  • - Aid Nonprofits Working to Help their Communities either Locally or Globally
  • - Encourage and Provide Resources for Minorities to Start Businesses
  • - Teaching Financial Literacy to Marginalized Communities
  • - Providing Outreach Through A University Chapter Based Model of Learning
  • - Inspiring the Youth To Contextualize Issues via Problem Based Approach to Learning
  • - Emotional, Spiritual, and Educational Support Through Lifelong Mentorship

We prepare budding talent and transform them into competitive entrepreneurs.


We provide mentorship with experienced entreprenuers and proffesionals. We build teams that can sustainably implement minority innovation.


We connect startups with investors, resources, and access to capital to turn dreams into innovation.



Our upcoming world-class programs


Accelerator Program


Learn, build, network. Food, fun, community.

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Proffesional Retreat

July 26-27

Learn together, thrive together. Meet allies, lifelong friends, and partners.

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Youth Program


Teaching talent young while having fun! Financial literacy, STEM Education, motivation.

Our Team

Our skilled teams of proffesionals from across all sectors.

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Hi I'm Shaaban, President of Minority Entrepreneur Association. I was born and raised in underserved communities. As a child I dreamed of one day making a future any person can make their ambitions a reality despite where they are from. Serving the community is rooted in my genetics. I am where I am today not by chance; but by the blessing & fortune of service to the people who bring life to this world. Whether we are feeding people at homeless shelters, tutoring students, mentoring entrepreneurs or mobilizing the community at large... service has a broad scope and we want to resurrect the spirit of service that once united our marginalized communities. Although I have traveled far, I have much to learn and the hope of those children without their parents, families struggling to make ends meet and minorities wishing to serve their communities pushes me to develop a platform that will unite us all.

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Jamil Ahmed


I'm your business coach and mentor on your spiritual entrepreneurial journey. I'm a father to 3 Kids, I run the Vairt A $100 Million worth PropTech company and alumni of two three accelerator programs including Ocean, Lisbon Challenge and Elevate  and I have an intense 8 week coaching program for spiritual entrepreneurs. I'm also the founder of the Marifah, A Boarding School, A Convert Center and An Islamic Center. I am absolutely committed to helping you believe in your business dreams and go confidently forward. MEA members go nuts for my vulnerability, relatability, tough-love teaching style, and my commitment to getting results for each of you, no matter what it takes. When I'm not coaching you to sell intentionally and spiritually, you'll often find me wandering around the world managing my business in KSA, Portugal, UAE, Pakistan & Denmark. I can't wait to welcome you into MEA with open arms! If you have any questions about MEA, email me and I will be in touch personally.


Minority Entrepreneurs Ally Organizations, Partners, Sponsors

Marifah is a community that contributes in educating Quran to our children, students stay at retreat center to learn Islamic teachings and practice the same. There are hostels for boys and girls separately, huge space for Islamic centre to held conventions for all those who seek knowledge to uplift their spiritual and moral principles.


A little bit of my time for your time. Revolutionizing the economy through blockchain backed kindness

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We unify coders from all over the world to develop humanitarian centric solutions using a project based approach to learning.


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